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The trailer M100 can carry a load of up to 500 pounds. Springs and shock absorbers in the trailer's suspension make it a rugged trailer for all types of terrain.The bed of the M100 trailer measures 72 inches long by 38 inches wide at the bottom and 46 inches wide at the top. The overall length is 108.5 inches. The total height is 42 inches. When empty, the trailer weighs 565 pounds. The body and frame are one welded piece. The trailer has two taillights which are operated by the towing vehicle. An A-frame drawbar is bolted to the front of the frame and serves as a mount for towing connections and the support leg. The support leg is used to keep the trailer upright when not connected to a towing vehicle. A handioperated parking brake on the front of the trailer locks the wheels to keep the trailer from moving when not connected to a towing vehicle.


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