€620.00 Including VAT

The trailer M100 can carry a load of up to 500 pounds. Springs and shock absorbers in the trailer's suspension make it a rugged trailer for all types of terrain.The bed of the M100 trailer measures 72 inches long by 38 inches wide at the bottom and 46 inches wide at the top. The overall length is 108.5 inches. The total height is 42 inches. When empty, the trailer weighs 565 pounds. The body and frame are one welded piece. The trailer has two taillights which are operated by the towing vehicle.

Price: €500.00


€768.80 Including VAT

M101 Trailer, Cargo, 3/4 ton

The M101 Trailer, Cargo, 3/4 ton, was manufactured in the 1950s and 1960s as the trailer for the M37 3/4 ton cargo truck. Multiple manufacturers produced the trailer under a series of contracts. The M101 remained in use for decades as a general cargo trailer towed by any of the commonly used military vehicles rated for 3/4 tons or more.

Price: €620.00


€806.00 Including VAT

M-104 1 1/2 ton 2-Wheel Cargo Trailer (G-754)

The M104 trailers are based on the Μ102 trailers. The M104 and M104A1 trailers were constructed from welded steel plates, cross-members and wheel wells. Uniquely, the M104 had a tailgate in front as well as at the rear. The M104 A1 did not have the front gate but did have a heavier suspension. There was also an M104 A2 variant with no front or tail gate.

Price: €650.00


€868.00 Including VAT

M-105 1 1/2 ton 2-Wheel Cargo Trailer (G-754)

The M105 trailers are based on the M103 Chassis, Trailer, 1 1/2 ton. The M105 and M105A1 trailers were constructed of steel while the M105A2 used wood and steel. The M105A2 variant also lacked the support leg and landing gear of the other models.

Price: €700.00


€682.00 Including VAT

The G518 One-Ton cargo trailer known as the "Ben Hur" trailer was made to tow behind 2.5 ton trucks but during the war could be found being towed behind 1 ton to 7.5 ton trucks and even some Armored Vehicles.

The trailer consisted of a 8 foot long x 4 foot wide steel or wood box mounted on a single axle trailer. Usually the trailer was covered with a frame and tarpaulin (anybody have one they want to sell).

Price: €550.00

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