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  1.  Registering army-spareparts.com lets you having quick orders and tracking the delivery. We can also contact faster with you.
  2.  Registering is absolutely free and no credit card info will be asked.
  3.  Registering takes less than five minutes just go “SHOP” tab and use login/register and click on “CREATE NEW ACCOUNT” .
    • At “USER NAME” fill your user name for army-spareparts.com
    • At “E-MAIL ADDRESS” add a valid e-mail address. This e-mail address will be used to verify your account
    • At “PASSWORD” and “CONFIRM PASSWORD” you have to enter your new password.
      Then click on “SAVE”
    • After a while a new e-mail will be send to your account for verification.
  4.  Your entrance at Polirize.gr can be done if you click “SHOP”.
  5.  At left side you can see all available “BRAND NAMES” in army-spareparts.com. Check your desire and you will enter to the products area.
  6.  This is a virtual basket and you can add as many product you want and then to proceed on payment.
  7.  By “ADD TO CART” you can add what you wand in basket but you don’t have to buy it obligatory.
  8.  Later you can check your basket at “SHOPPING CART” and remove or add any other product.
  9.  If you want to remove any product from the list just check the box under “REMOVE”. Then click “UPDATE CARD” and the product gets out of the list.
  10.  Since you finish with add / remove from your card click “CHECK OUT” . In next step if you are already client you don’t need to enter your personal data and address again. If you are not registered you have to complete all necessary fields. You have to enter a valid e-mail address, a user name and a password. Then your registration is complete.
  11.  You have the ability to pay by using your credit card (credit, debit, prepaid) through the Alpha e-Commerce where and are the cards that Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa Electron and American Express. Alternatively you can pay by PayPal through the PayPal payment gateway.
  12.  No credit card info will be asked by army-spareparts.com. All transactions are taking place directly via the Alpha e-Commerce or alternatively via the PAYPAL website. All payments are made ​​using cards processed through the electronic payment platform "Alpha e-Commerce" of Alpha Bank and use encryption with TLS 1.1 protocol encryption 128-bit (Secure Sockets Layer - SSL). Encryption is a way of coding the information until it reaches its recipient, who will be able to decode it using the appropriate key.
  13.  Right after you complete your order you will receive a detailed e-mail. After your payment verification you will be informed about the delivery.
  14.  You will receive the products at your postal address.
  15.  Usually most products are send the next working day after the order.
  16.  At “CONTACT” you will find all the info about us and a mail form so you can contact us.
  17.  All our products coming with the manufacturers guarantee.
  18.  We have 10 days return policy. If you face any problems feel free to contact us.


If any problems appear please contact us.

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